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7 July 2005

In its 44th calendar year, Yalumba The Signature delivers another honest, traditional wine.

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An honest old favourite

In its 44th calendar year, Yalumba The Signature delivers another honest, traditional wine, very much reflecting:

· Yalumba
· the Barossa and
· the quintessentially Australian blend of Cabernet and Shiraz

 “We ultimately want to deliver a special wine and one that’s particularly unique, with focus on both superlative quality and a sense of provenance”, says winemaker Kevin Glastonbury. “’The Signature’ has been around for over 40-years and has developed a strong, loyal following, very much due to its consistency of style, and sustained high quality.”

Glastonbury adds, “while we already keep ‘The Signature’ in our care for over 4-years before releasing, we believe it really starts ‘hitting its straps’ as an 8-10 year old wine. We craft each vintage with appropriate weight, power and strength, to ensure they are still somewhat reserved and brooding on release. It’s popular these days to drink red wine while youthful, and while we agree some are very seductive, we prefer premium red wine with more bottle age and secondary flavours - an attribute that ‘The Signature’ delivers.”

‘The Signature’ Cabernet & Shiraz has become one of the benchmarks for this iconic Australian wine style, drawing heavily on Yalumba's great Barossa resource of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz vineyards, largely owned by private, committed growers who have been supplying fruit for ‘The Signature’ for many years, - in some cases for generations. 

“We have a wonderful partnership with our growers. They are as passionate about quality as we are and are all good mates of mine, and also of Yalumba”, says Kevin Glastonbury.

Many argue, and Yalumba agree, that Australia ‘owns’ the Cabernet Shiraz blend and even advocate that it’s more of a national wine treasure than the more recently popular Shiraz.   It’s a blend that Yalumba has meticulously developed over the last forty years and one they are particularly dedicated to. 

 “For the last twenty or-so years”, says Brian Walsh, Yalumba’s Director of Winemaking, “we have been swimming against the tide a little with Cabernet Shiraz as consumers appeared, for a time, to favour single varietal wines. Happily, our trust in the blend has paid off as recently we have seen a resurgence of interest in the more complex, blended wines, of which ‘The Signature’ is our favourite.”

The 2001 vintage release of ‘The Signature’ honours Geoffrey R. Linton, Technical Manager, Yalumba.  An incredible character, Geoff has been a key winemaker at Yalumba and a key member of many Australian wine industry technical institutions for over 30 years. 

The vintage wearing Geoff’s name salutes the very best of vintage.  “It’s a wine which is honest and traditional - very much in ‘The Signature style”, says Winemaker Kevin Glastonbury.  It’s a blend of 60% Cabernet Sauvignon and 40% Shiraz, with 53% from the cool climate of Eden Valley.  Indigenous or ‘wild yeasts’, naturally present on the grape skins completed fermentation, adding complexity and fine textures.

A sentimental favourite with an appreciation of its unique Barossan heritage – “it has an ability to age gracefully in the bottle and offers genuine value for a wine with such history and pedigree.”


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